We engineer advanced thermo-mechanical solutions.


Enovus Labs is an innovative thermal and mechanical design company focussed on creating hardware for the harshest environments. Distilled down from years of technology development and innovation, we have created a new cooling solution called Segri-COOL that is tackling the very real problem of size, weight and carbon footprint. Click here to read more about Segri-COOL.
Whether you require IP generation, experimentation, design, build or test, Enovus Labs' core capabilities can quickly deliver high quality solutions to you at a fraction of in-house costs. Onboarding us means your teams are free to do whatever they do best, therefore improving project efficiency and reducing total costs. Don't hesitate to GET IN TOUCH to arrange a meeting to see how Enovus Labs can help convert your next big idea into reality.



Have a concept and don't know how to cool it? We can show you how.


Proven the concept and want to package it? We will engineer the solution.


Have a prototype with a problem? We can fix it.


Amassing over 30 years' combined engineering experience in the R&D world and with a proven track record of asset delivery, your innovation is safe in the hands of Enovus Labs. Browse to see the services we offer including: experimentation, IP generation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation and interactive world class demo design. Click through to see WHAT WE DO and WHAT WE'VE DONE for proof of what Enovus Labs can offer, or view ABOUT US to learn more about our story, our core strengths and backgrounds.

Some of the great companies we've worked with...


Analog Devices

An American multinational semiconductor company specializing in data conversion, signal processing, and power management technology, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts.



Réaltra is an Irish space engineering company dedicated to the development and delivery of cost-effective leading-edge electronic systems for space applications


Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines provide lunar surface access, lunar orbit delivery, and communications at lunar distances,headquartered in Houston, Texas.