At Enovus Labs we have the expertise, experience and supply chain to deliver high quality MVPs quickly. With more than 35 years' combined experience innovating, problem solving and delivering next generation hardware solutions, we have the ability to solve critical problems. We take your core technology and design the custom hardware required to convert it into a fully functioning MVP ready for the most challenging deployments, and beyond. On this page you will see some of the projects we are most passionate about, showcasing the wide skill base present at Enovus Labs.



We turn your concepts into reality.



Mission to the Moon

It's not often you get asked to be involved in a project that is literally out of this world. In 2018, while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, we joined a Nokia/Vodafone collaboration to create an end-to-end 4G communications system to be deployed to the Moon. Starting with a Nokia COTS system, we were tasked to design a custom housing for both the Base Station (on the Moon Lander) and User Equipment (in the Moon Rover) to allow HD video streaming from the historic Apollo 17 landing site back to Earth. This required multiple design, build and test cycles until we had a solution that passed all required qualification tests, a significant challenge when you consider the harshness of space deployment. From a technical perspective, this work involved extensive thermal modelling and experimental validation and for this we designed and built our own thermal vacuum test chamber.

[© 2021 Nokia.] 

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Nokia Bell Labs' researchers applied their optical domain know how to allow miniaturisation of an OCT system, used for unobtrusive 3D scanning of the human body. They came to us, employed by Nokia Bell Labs at the time, to design a custom solution capable of housing the electronics, maintaining them within precise thermal limits. Their primary objective was to deliver an inexpensive, portable and unobtrusive method to make continuous physiological monitoring a reality for people. Offloading the hardware design allowed core researchers to continue to innovate on the photonic circuitry for the device. Quickly delivering a prototype that can be handed to customers for evaluation will provide valuable information for the next iteration of the device.

[© 2021 Nokia.]

Autonomous Flying Small Cell 

The goal of this MVP was to design, build, and deliver a mechanical solution that would encapsulate a 5G small cell and allow it to be temporarily deployed via drone to where it's needed most. The vision is to create a network that can deploy in real-time based on demands such as rush hour or for disaster recovery. We engineered everything that encapsulates the small cell, Nokia's core technology. Weight and size were key challenges to allow a suitable range, hence we integrated all electrical systems, mechanisms and motors into a lightweight carbon fibre shell. The MVP was presented to the Nokia Global Leadership Team and later selected for the invite-only Bell Labs booth at Mobile World Congress.

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]

Delivery Drone 

In the age of all things autonomous, we developed a magnetic deployment system for drone delivery bots in an industry 4.0 setting. In a fully autonomous factory, it’s best that the movement of humans are minimised in order avoid production downtime. This system allows a human to perform inspections and repairs in a non-disruptive manner. The engineer can remain at the machine and request a part for the drone to deliver. We designed* and built the mechanism that collects and drops the drone’s payload using very low power consumption electronics, therefore maximising flight time. We performed multiple experiments and iterations before we settled on a cost effective, low energy, light MVP that fulfilled all requirements. This system is currently being tested, coupled with autonomous ground based robots with our customer.

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]




Apart from our core competence, we also like to have fun designing. We've delivered many individual centrepieces and complete stands for large scale exhibitions both locally and internationally showcasing the creativity we can apply to these engaging projects. To date, we have performed successful demonstrations at multiple external global events such as Mobile World Congress and internal demos for Leadership Teams and the Boards of Directors. We've collaborated to engaged in outreach programs to increase brand visibility both locally and globally through events such as BT Young Scientist and Other Voices music festival. 



"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein.



BT Young Scientist Exhibition 

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is a yearly event that has operated since 1963 in Ireland. The exhibition gives companies the opportunity to show young people how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) can impact the real world. This is achieved with hands-on activities and demonstrations which showcase STEM in surprising ways. These demonstrations are presented by people working in STEM industries and their enthusiasm, insight and expertise help visitors discover the wealth possibilities in our world. We developed* and built the interesting and engaging demonstrators for Nokia Bell Labs to easily explain physical phenomena to a young audience. In November 2020, the stand won an IDI design award for Universal Design.

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]

Autonomous Flying Small Cell (MWC)

Mobile World Congress Barcelona is one of the biggest trade shows in the world and the biggest yearly event for the telecoms industry. While employed in Nokia Bell Labs, we worked to present the Autonomous Flying Small Cell in a live demo that could operate indoors safely (unfortunately, flying was not allowed!). We designed* a custom exhibition with a series of integrated automated pullies that could simulate the deployment of the small cell in a safe manor, integrated into the overall demo for accurate timing within a greater storyline.

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]

5G Race Car Demo 

We upgraded* off-the-shelf RC cars (vibration reduced camera and mount, HD video streaming, network integrated controls) and designed the track to showcase remote driving via a 5G versus a 4G mobile connection. People were able to virtually sit in the cars and race each other when the 5G connection was live. After switching to a higher latency 4G connection, driving became next to impossible resulting in some incredible wipe outs, our engineering solutions protecting sensitive electronics in the cars from being damaged. This demonstration was presented by Nokia at MWC and a live demonstration was part of the CEO's keynote, it was later selected for a key Nokia customer event in California.

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]


All work and no play...


Some of the most fun projects we have worked on* focussed on connecting a company's brand with new customers in a unique, memorable and interactive way. We created wearables, interactive light shows, and fun prototypes to generate media exposure for large companies, all based around a core technology and message. Both physical and digital experiences were created to help give companies the exposure it needed to compete in the age of social media and advanced online advertising techniques. Below you will find a collection of some of the brand focussed works of Enovus Labs. 

[* Work performed while employed in Nokia Bell Labs, © 2021 Nokia.]